Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rider Babies Ride Best

 How to make a diaper motorcycle:

What you need:

-Package of infant diapers
-Rubber bands
-Small baby blanket
-Burp cloth
-Rider Insurance Stress Ball
-Rider Insurance Bandanna
-Onesie (With Rider Insurance T-Shirt Design)
-Stuffed Animal
-Baby sunglasses
-Cake pan

How to make it:

Lay diapers in a circular arrangement in a cake pan of a desired wheel size. The cake pan is used like a mold to hold the diapers in place. Use a large rubber band to hold the diapers in a circular arrangement. Cover the rubber band with a decorative ribbon. Make a second wheel the same way. Take the baby towel and roll it. Loop it though the back wheel and cross it though the front wheel. Place a burp cloth over the wheels to act as a front and back fender. Plus a stress ball on top of the front wheel and pull the blanket over it. Tie ribbon around both ends of the blanket, this acts as the handle bars. Dress a stuffed animal in glasses, a bandanna and a onesie. Position the stuff animal as the rider and you are done!


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