Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gettysburg Bike Week: Photo Blog

For those who know Gettysburg, they know it is a place of history. It is known as a battleground in the American Civil War from July 1st until the 3rd of 1863. It is said to be the turning point of the war as a huge loss to the South and a halt in the invasion of the North. Visiting the town, there are many stories of what went on during those brutal days. Throughout the town there are monuments, plaques and statues all dedicated to fallen heroes and brave souls. One can take a ghost tour and see a ghastly image of the past. The place is full of ghosts! Replica living quarters and museums have history on display. The center of town is a round-about. Gettysburg was a major hub connecting cities like Baltimore, Harrisburg, Chambersburg, and Washington. With all this American history, what better place to have a motorcycle rally, right? Gettysburg Bike Week has been chugging along for 10 years now. This year's location was the Granite Hill Camping Resort. Entertainment was supplied by bands like Kix and Mustang Sally, as well as burn out pits, stunt shows and custom bike shows. Vendors stretched the pathways and motorcycles filled the grass lots. The smell of BBQ filled the air and made mouths water. Even dogs dressed as bikers made a visit to the Rider Insurance tent. If you ever want to relive a piece of American history, make your way down to Gettysburg. You never know you might even see a ghost!

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