Thursday, June 7, 2012

Continuous Coverage

Rider Insurance only offers twelve month long policies. Why is twelve months so important? A lot of people wonder why they should continue coverage all year long? In some states you cannot ride all twelve months. If the motorcycle is not on the road, why have insurance? These are all very good questions to ask.

Now I am talking more in the sense of comprehensive and collision coverage. Liability is important when riding the motorcycle, but comprehensive may kick in when the motorcycle is sitting in a garage. We always advise our riders to keep insurance all year round. The mere fact that there might be a warm day in the winter season, is a reason to keep coverage. You can't ride if you are not covered.

Sitting in the garage, the bike may seem safe. Things tend to happen mysteriously. Wild storms may cause roofs to collapse inward. Howling winds may shake a building down. Concrete gives way and kickstands collapse. Volatile chemicals seem to spill on expensive paint. You may think this is all covered by a homeowner's policy. However, if you read most exclusions in homeowner's policies, motor vehicles are not covered. That includes motorcycles. Comprehensive coverage in a Rider Insurance policy will cover this less the deductible.

Unfortunately natural disasters can wreak havoc on small motor vehicles. Weird snow storms too early in the season, cause some serious damage. The point of this whole article is to stay with your coverage. Don't let it lapse and the few more dollars spent today may save you a whole lot of money tomorrow. That little bit of security will help you sleep better at night.

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